About Us

Our Passionate Team Behind Weight Balance

At Grassy Life, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve a healthier, happier you through the power of Ayurveda. Our core team is driven by a shared passion for this ancient holistic healing system and its potential to support weight management.

Here, you’ll meet the experts who formulate, develop, and deliver Weight Balance, our innovative capsule designed to aid your weight loss journey:

  • The Ayurvedic Formulators: Led by our esteemed Dr. Rohan Dogra, our team of Ayurvedic practitioners meticulously researches and selects the 18 powerful herbs in Weight Balance. Each ingredient boasts a rich history of supporting healthy metabolism and weight management in Ayurvedic practices.

  • The Product Development Team: Headed by Rahul Vij, this group of health enthusiasts ensures the quality and efficacy of Weight Balance. They work tirelessly to source the purest ingredients, develop the optimal capsule dosage, and maintain the highest manufacturing standards in GMP-certified facilities.

  • The Wellness Advisors: Our team of certified nutritionists and wellness specialists, led by Ella Knox, is here to support you. They provide guidance on incorporating Weight Balance into a holistic approach to weight management, including healthy diet and lifestyle practices.

  • The Grassy Life Family: Beyond these core members, a dedicated team of passionate individuals supports Grassy Life’s mission. From our customer care specialists to our marketing and operations teams, we’re all committed to providing you with exceptional service and a positive experience.

We believe in transparency and building trust with our customers. That’s why we want you to know the faces and minds behind Weight Balance. We’re here to empower you on your path to a healthier weight and a more balanced life.